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OANAC is organized to promote the common interests of those persons and firms interested in assisting nurse assessment coordinators and other professional who are involved in the completion of Federally mandated assessment instruments which drive resident/patient care, reimbursement, and the regulatory process by providing information, services, opportunites for professional development and education.

Our mission is to assist all members of the interdisciplinary team in the assessment process to improve the quality of care provided to residents/patients and to support each other as we develop our skills to attain the highest level of wellness for our residents/patients. Our Mission! OANAC accomplishes this by having regional meetings to address current issues and state meetings that provide training.

To become a member of OANAC CLICK HERE or contact Beatrice Muniu-Maina at (
785) 979-3479, email bmuniu2@gmail.com for more details.

P.O. Box 39021
Solon, Ohio

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